ZIL-137 – SpinTires 2014




1. Replaces the ZIL. I tested on version 13.04.
2. Any suspension animations, frames, universal joints, awning and mudguards.
3. There are twelve add-ons and three pairs of wheels.
4. The mid-size.
5. It can be short or medium haul logs.
6. multiplayer and achievements are not checked.

Fixed physics of semi-trailer, put all the amenities normally, without ups, logs do not move, there is only one issue is not second run of the game with the mod.


Model and textures: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie.
Addons: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie, STALKER is unknown.
Wheels: Paul Zagrebel’nyi, ronnie.
Mod made: ronnie.

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Spintires 2015 The Full List Of Updates

Spintires 2015 updates

The full list of updates Spintires 2015

Updates already uploaded to the server steam, is currently testing it.


- network traffic reduced 3-4 times
- multiplayer trucks interaction improved greatly
- animated physical driver in all trucks
- new trucks (zil-131, kamaz-4310, kirovets-700, maz-537, gaz-66)
- old assets remastered (ural-4320/432010, kamaz-6520/6522, map assets – trees, log heaps)
- maps improved (visually and balance-wise)
- gameplay improved (hardcore = manual log loading only, ability to pick startup trucks for each map)
- new addons (new forest crane, trailers with ability to deliver loads/logs)
- mod support (ingame mod browser + automatic mod download, mod certification by official staff)
- graphics improvements (new tyre track system, mud detalisation increased, special effects etc)
- new trucks sound system (sounds remastered, each truck with unique sound)
- ingame mod testing with ability to reload textures and assets
- Truck Editor application for mod testing and development
- Notepad++ plugins (XML visual editing with Truck Editor)
- trucks XML format changed (simplified greatly for ease of modding)
- many many performance optimisations, bug/crash fixes
- nvidia stereo fixes (now working correctly 100%)
- animated driver in all trucks


- kamaz 4310!
- sound system reworked!
- map/trees changes
- no auto-loading in hardcore; istead we have “log kiosks”


- sounds improved
- bugs fixed
- levels updated
- graphics improved


- batch-update since 13/04/15
- only ENGLISH localisation works for now!!!
- workshop implemented, but WONT WORK without dev rights in steam!!!
- new dev level with dev tools
- new vehicles, addons, wheels
- mud visuals and physics updated!!!
- wheel tracks visuals updated!!!
- lots of graphical improvements!
- various GUI improvements!
- truck sounds improvements!
- optimisations and bugfixes
- k-700 steering mechanism implemented
- minor map tweaks
- map balance feature introduced!

Katasi 5526 – SpinTires 2014



Mod has 4 Addon: Selhozny board platform for timber transportation, Tanker transport of fuel, Repair addon “AROK”

3 types of wheels: Off-road, highway, Arched

Two of its cargo.

Animation Charms, frames, mudguards, Antennas, Rudder

By car there is a portrayal of the cabin, customized lighting, 10-speed “Kamaz-15 Motor” Kamaz 7403.10 ”

Author: BobbleGum (Victor Antyukhin)

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