Bax6 Map – SpinTires 23.10.15 & 8.11.15

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  1. Tiger1357 says:

    This map is messed up: 90% of the roads have 100% mud; some have a shoulder to use, but not many. Way too many dead ends. Map shows player hovering so you can’t tell where you are on the map. 7 BLOODY OBJECTIVES?!? Are you mad?? OK, so there are 3 Garages.. it took me 4 hours just to find the second one. At first, I thought I would be opening the other one. I only ever found one of the 3 lumber yards and I wasn’t even looking for it. I did not finish your crazy map, nor will I ever download any others of yours. Maybe I will if you ease up on the mud and traps, then it would be a fun map even with 7 objectives. Also, allow for more than one way to get somewhere or it feels too linear… like Mario.

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