Dalnoboy Map – SpinTires 25.12.15

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3 Responses

  1. Mikita says:

    What the f*cking hell is that?? Are you serious?!! ;D

    I love it !!! ;D ;-P

    A big THX for this “f*cking awesome” Map !!!
    That is now one of the favourite map of my. ;-P
    I hope see more of such maps ;D

    Best Regards

  2. Tiger1357 says:

    Well made map. Lots of paths. Enough room between trees to make your own paths if you want. That was the good. Now for the bad: not enough trucks to play with with seven objectives and it does not seem to want to work in multi-player environment. Then there is the ugly: No log kiosk or piles of logs to manually load so cannot be played in Hardcore. It would be nice since the lumber yards did not want to give me logs at all.

    I would have given this map a good score since the mud was not overly used where it should not be and there were lots of places to go with many ways to get there. However, since it cannot be played multiplayer and no manual loading possible, I give it 1.5 Stars. I will be waiting for an update.

  3. Snajpy92 says:

    i have allways crash after first longer game(in the first i destroy my only vehicle right in front of the locked one 😀 ) any tips how to fix this??

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