Faerie Hill Map – SpinTires 2014

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7 Responses

  1. Michi says:

    Please create maps for the new version of ST (23.10.2105)!!!

  2. jilani says:

    how to install that map mod in spintires pc version. . plzzz som bdy help me.

    • spintires says:

      What is your game version ?

      • jilani says:

        I dnt know the version but I m using some mods already.. by using JSGME tool. but after installing that map mod when I try to load it it frm the game menu it gives error ” corrupt damaged or old version..
        I dnt know wht to do. but I love that map. help plzz

  3. jilani says:

    Atleast tell me how to check game version and how to update to the latest version. .
    I have downloaded some other maps and they also give same error. that it wont load .
    and I dont have any working internet connection with pc m using mobile internet so please tell me any download method to download the game latest v.

  4. jilani says:

    if I use any car mod it has an black shadow underneath it . someone told me thats because of the older version.

  5. jilani says:

    no 1 answered to my questions. . so weird.

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