Install Mod

Install mods

Mod installation:

– unpack archive: right click -> Winrar -> Extract files…
– navigate through demo folder tree to find Media folder – select it and click OK.
– done…

SpinTires 2014

Installation: address C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Spintires \ Media folder, drag from the archive agreeing on a replacement.

Spintires Install Mods Full Game version 23.10.15

58 thoughts on “Install Mod”

  1. I dont get it… Is this supposed to be like a mod for installing other mods or a guide how to install other mods?
    STEP 1: unpack archive:
    Can you please be more specific.

    1. umm…when he says unpack the archive basically its the mod/file you downloaded for spintires. open the archive/file with 7zip or winrar then drag and drop the files located inside the downloaded mod into your spintires media directory.

    1. the mods only work right now by replacing a vehicle. so basically if the vehicle isnt normally on the map then you will just have to choose the map in which the origional vehicle that was replaced is on, and when you find it, instead of the standard vehicle,, (e.g ural ) you would find the mod you installed.

  2. Pls, maps dont work. If i install them and open in game. Click start and only window OK and nothing 🙁 .. i have original game from steam. Cars are ok, but maps dont 🙁

  3. Is there a way to install the mods without winrar because I do not want to pay so i can install a mod unless I have to?Other than that I love the game.

  4. PLS for Update of this truck… —–>

    *****KAMAZ GAZ 6×6 (4 IN 1) – SPIN TIRES 2014*****

    @ Author: "tucrem"

    the latest update of spintires does not allow to use this vehicle, permanent graphic error

    PLS for update!!! ;o)

    1. so basically it would most likely be in your C: drive or your main computer drive, under games maybe. try that.

  5. i need to download the vehicle but its never going to download,always fail or sometimes error,why like this?anybody can help me? please

  6. Good day i seem to be confused i have downloaded and installed many mods but recently i came across my archive of the mod not having a textures folder it contains the billboard. .classes. .and sounds folder and a couple of files that i thought to be the texture folder …then i put it into my medie/textures folder and it doesnt work i have the latest version of spintires (25-12-15)

  7. we are trying to download maps for my husbands game and we go off yalls videos but it doesn’t work… so may we please get some help

  8. Quick question: what if you (like me) have two mods that do different things but is the same file (in this case media.xml)

  9. Hi, i have a problem too

    When i copy the media file from zip to programfilex86 blal bla bla bla….. And find media folder of spintires and i copy that file dan its not working and he said to me “file not found or no read permission” what happen, ,,,, what is wrong please help me?

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