Kamaz Gaz 6×6 (4 in 1) – Spin Tires 2014

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4 Responses

  1. Mikita says:

    Can you build this truck again for the newest Spintires 2014 update? If i replace the “UAZ/Kasel” to become this KAMAZ-mode i’ve only see an black box. This Kamaz mode looks very good and i like it so much, but i can’t play it ;o(

  2. Kaennox says:

    what does it replace?

  3. Mikita says:

    the vehicle will not display the textures are shown in black and the body resembles a black box…. (without the newest Spintires update)
    I can describe it in German or Russian better, if you don’t understand what i mean.

  4. Mikita says:

    How I can show you my screeshot ?
    I don’t know how I can upload that, or send a message to ” tucrem” without my screenshot …

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