Level Offroad Kalimantan – Spintires: MudRunner

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5 Responses

  1. jim says:

    very hard map, i would say for trail riding,lol

  2. Chris says:

    More like this please, very impressive, needs to be on the workshop when thats up and running, dont abandon it

  3. pissed says:

    There are points on the trail where it’s simply not possible to pass with a truck. You’re just putting trees in the middle of the trail to not let trucks pass. So what’s the purpose in having log stations and lumber mills if you cannot pass with trucks? Moreover, there are many nice spots and even more good ideas, but this thing actually pisses me off. Can’t you imagine something better than putting trees exactly on the trail in order to increase difficulty?

  4. striped says:

    This map is completely broken. I made out a good progression with a scout (impossibile to go through certain points with trucks – too many trees IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD – anyway I’m not playing this map for carrying logs) and I found… imagine what? Trees on the trail of course but, wait for it, many (not one) TREES IN THE MIDDLE OF BRIDGES. Really? Like trees that growed in the middle of a river, then costantly growed passing through bridges. So you can’t pass on bridges because there are trees in the middle of it. I manage to pass through anyway (dont know how actually) and I just got stuck because there is some kind of bug in the middle of the road, of course. I tried to pass around but it’s impossibile. Clap clap, good map. Totally waste of time.

  5. Ronald says:

    Itd very, very, very hard map! After 10h (!) play i stuck 200m before second garage! Why? In game is bug 🙁 Truck stuck in inwisible things.

    Anyway! Map is realy good, but cannot complete, because bug…

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