Map Kujbyshevo – SpinTires 23.10.15 & 8.11.15



Game version: 23.10.15 & 8.11.15

At this time, the maximum card size (32×32)
The roads varied, from asphalt to dirt swamp
on the side of the machine. For those who like to work manipulator.
It will be much easier to get a card. However, the play and
You see for yourself. I hope that the card is much like it.
And so, on the map: the default pack of cars except
second MAZ, ie KrAZ, URAL, KAMAZ, ZIL, UAZ and MAZ.
Also, a garage, two gas stations, five sawmills, a felling
normal boot and one with manual loading of logs.
To all fifteen points of intelligence.

Author: Vitaly Kujbyshanec

Convert: Rinat Ibragimov


5 thoughts on “Map Kujbyshevo – SpinTires 23.10.15 & 8.11.15”

  1. Very fun map. Not too much mud and in places where you would expect. I think the diameter of the medium logs have changed because I easily slip between logs on created bridges. It is also a challenge to get the MAZ centered properly. Could you confirm? I liked the many logs for manual loading and the multiple paths even with a number of objectives. I will keep watch for other maps of yours.

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