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SpinTires 16.12.15 Game Version Update

spintires 16.12.15 update

DEV191215 – Update:


– dont allow user maps for lobbies with “active achievements”
– minor map fixes


– game can load user maps (with disabled achievements) – MP included
– CRC check added to make sure map versions are the same in MP
– maps backwards compatibility, and more mods backwards compatibility (mod/map updates dont break savegames)
– some sounds, visuals tuning
– bugfixes (logs dropping off trucks, inability to continue saved games with some mods)
– check changes in Media.xml when deciding to disable achievements/MP (fix exploits)
– mud made stiffer
– important physics fix (light vehicles now behave correctly with addons, but affect heavy vehicles too)
– fix lua errors preventing some mods from working properly
– EDITOR: fixed bugs related to publishing mods
– EDITOR: creating maps now support (with no workshop support yet)
– EDITOR: change texture formats – performance improvements (and some other bugfixes/improvements)


– crashfix (workshop related)
– dont continue game until mods are updated (otherwise savegame gets broken)


– minor visual improvements
– game support loading of user maps


– more improvements to suspension damage system
– new damage visuals
– new damage effect: oil spilling off
– new assets: zil131 utility, gaz66 small utility trailer (works for zils too), short-short logs for zil130
– greatly improved IK controls (crane now wont go down by itself when rotating)
– bugfix: huge initial damage received when switching to truck (gamestopper)
– bugfix: when hitting truck with other truck, which in turn hits third truck -> intercollision happens, then results in huge dmage and physics destabilisation (gamestopper)
– bugfix: incorrect number of short logs spawning when unpacking short logs
– new water-flows-off-truck visual effect
– more mud-wheel physics improvements
– long mod names UI dialog cropped
– mud decals visual improved (no mirror mapping)


– lobby game starting with no trucks selected for the map
– more perfomance optimisation for trucks in mud
– winch ropes goes white at times (visual bug)
– rope in “pull” state now fits terrain (doesnt intersect it) – visuals


– driving dynamics improved (uaz most of all)


– further damage system improvements
– more visual effects improvements
– beacons now required to install some trailers


– markers rays removed (was annoying)
– RU localisation fixes
– coop achievements work correctly
– cloaking synced correctly in MP
– more damage calculation fixes/improvements
– xbox360 controller keys remapped
– more minor visual effects tweaks
– minor UI fixes


– fullscreen crashfix
– shadercache optimisation
– fix: optimised particles should not recieve shadows


– waterwave visuals update
– wheel mud bursts visuals update
– improved damage system – suspension damage is now also detected
– winXP 32bit fix
– shaders removed from retail build

SpinTires 08.11.15 Update

SPINTIRES 08.11.15


– water visuals bugfix

– garage parts trailer wheels changed

– volcano map: position of maz7310 changed


– terrain tearing bug fix

– terrain chunks disappearing at certains angles bug fix

– minor graphics improvements (mud, dirt bursts, detail maps)

– minor analog gearstick controls improvement

– minor mud/vehicle physics improvement

– jerking hack removed (rapidly switching forward/rear gears)

– some localisation fixes


– mesh cache fix (modding support)

– new achievements: volcano honk, mushroomer

– minor mud/performance/driving optimisation/improvement

– rocks mass increased

– mushrooms assets improved

– hide driver in capsized trucks


– mods backwards compatibility (new version dont break savegames)

– hash check before each time game starts (fixes some exploits)

– minor UI tweaks

– more achievements fixes


– new kraz carriage integrated (and all trailers/addons derived from it)

– mods backwards compatibility in savegames (all is left to make savegames fully backwards compatible is maps)

– camera beneath ground of proving grounds fix of fix

– check for files hash each time map starts (fixes some exploits)


– truck damage improved (RISE OF MACHINES, STUDENT DRIVER achievements fixed)

– some trucks/assets changed (kamaz 6520/6522, 4310 mod, carriages – SAVEGAMES WORK)

– forest crane rotation bug fixed

– logs falling thru cart bug fixed

– game not working in offline fixed

– kamaz 65111/65115 mod added

– differential lock system improved slightly

– when changing stratup trucks, unavailable addons arent installed

– drive camera auto-zoom returned (but only works when there is no user input for a while)

– mud/water visual bug fixed

– proving grounds incorrect camera position fix + “starting” proving ground resets its trucks

– in windowed mode, confirm exit before closing game when clicking ‘X’

– analogous stick mode now preserves “acceleration limit”

– log kiosk added to Proving Grounds

SpinTires 23.10.15 Released

SpinTires 23.10.15

SpinTires game version 23.10.15 released


– folder/file structure changes

– maps cosmetic changes (+ as a bonus “bushes” spawn location at Proving grounds now works)

– truck format change (mass selector instead of numeric input) + maz7310/535/kirovets700 properties changed slightly

– winch bugfix: stop suggesting winch when attaching different winch (multiple winch MP bug not yet fixed)

– MP bug: wheels not spinning for 4x players game (was a major network bug affecting all MP games, be it 2,3 or 4 players)

– assets improvements (log cart fixes, wooden bridge, logs texture, leaves textures)

– multiple broken achievements bugfixes (fisherman, david, various objective achievements)

– some performance optimisations (collision check when spawning trailers/trucks)

– visual fix: tracks now visible over “dirt bridge”

– “lying spruce” properties changed a bit (more traction so ites easier to get over it)