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Hilldelivery Map – SpinTires 25.12.15

level-hilldelivery mod


Game version: 25.12.15

Objective map

You start with a Gaz66+trailer next to a flooded Garage and you have to figure out a way to get to the locked garage and then, work on the logs objective , There will be some risky shortcut along your trip ! Be carefull , if you drive well enough , you could use them more than once.

Truck on map
– Ural4320 (Locked)
– gaz66 ( unlocked )
– maz535 (Locked)
– uaz469 (Locked)
– kraz255+cistern (Locked)
– kraz255+trailer_tent (Locked)
– kirovets700 (Locked)
– kamaz6522 (Locked)

ROadmap for level_hilldelivery

– Swamp
– clear cutting field
– decoration and fine tuning

unzip in spintires/media/levels


Creator: Arts911 From Quebec, Canada