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Two Horizon Map – SpinTires 25.12.15



Game version: 25.12.15

Map is quite interesting and diverse. In it there are many rivers and lakes, narrow forest trails and roads, as well as the urban masses.

On the map are located:
– 11 points Intelligence
– 2 garages
– 3 refueling
– 1 felling
– 1 loading point
– 4 sawmills
– 4 slots for cars

On the map fixed, replaced or removed some objects.


Author map: Team MG.

Convert and modify: SLAD_70.


South Kujbyshevo Map – SpinTires 16.12.15



Game version: 16.12.15

At modification has its own face, seen the author’s style and it appears well in the saturation area of ​​various objects. From the first minutes of exposure on the map it is shown non-standard solution. You do not appear among the dense thickets of the forest, and in the heart of the village.
The journey takes place for the most part relatively good roads, most roads are easily investigated and only in some places you can seriously bog down. With a variety of facilities and wealth of vegetation does not come a moment when you get tired of going. Map of South Kujbyshevo for Spin Tires 2015 always keeps you in good shape, preparing new and interesting twists at every turn. Total on the map there are six cars and all the key sites for the research area. Eleven points Intelligence hide from your gaze dressing, garage, two felling with different types of loading of logs and for six sawmills. Map made not boring, lets move on nonlinear route giving the player a wide range of options for study spaces.

Author: Vitaly Kujbyshanec