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BTR-70 (STALKER) v1.5 – SPINTIRES 2014



In the archives of two of the same model, but with a different texture. They should not be replaced – you assign which technique should replace !? At “BTR-70 (STALKER) (2014) .rar \ classes \ trucks” have two files “BTR 70 v1.xml” and “BTR 70 v2.xml”, select one of the two and give it any name names of those present such as: kamaz, kraz, maz, maz2, uaz, ural or zil and then it will replace the one truck that would appear in your game. This procedure starts with the fact that in the future the game will be imprisoned for modding. Does not work with him and multiplayer achievements.

BTR-70 is a Soviet armored personnel carrier – Car floating combat armored vehicle designed to transport personnel of mechanized infantry units and to provide fire support, including in terms of weapons of mass destruction.

Notes: Maud has one mistake, but you will not notice it! Because these errors shows only a special version of the game, for that would quickly identify and correct these mistakes when creating a do not be modified.

3D Model / Textures: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Bone, XML, Convert: modfiles.


Dump the Urals v1.1 – Spin Tires 2014



Addon for a lorry to Spin Tires. Maud body to truck that makes the car hauler. Modification does not work in multiplayer achievements.

In order to be a body appeared in the list of add-ons (garage), you must edit ural.xml (Media \ classes \ trucks) It can be implemented on any truck.

Notes: The latest revision made ​​body which restores physical model. Download link to completion and set to the folder Spin tires \ Media \ meshes \ trucks accept the replacement.

Author: Fedor Ivanov.