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Kamaz Truck Mongo Final – Spin Tires 2014



UPD: 08.04.15
Have been corrected:

Animated steering wheel, Luggage has become more convenient, you can now download the small logs, Tow not deviate by 17 and 19 degrees, Tow longer friezes and has become a powerful, Bumper does not damage modes completely Russified.

There is the view from the cockpit.

Special thanks to Alexei Filimonov.
There are animations suspension cardan animation, animation driver, front bumper animation, animation engine fan motor itself antsy if you look closely, the standard add-ons.
The main addon: Two Tow made from scratch. And the reserve.
Mod version 19.03.15v3
Multiplayer is not supported.
It will be a “final version” in this fashion, in the future we will not see this mod.

Management of R and T

Replaces ZIL

Author: Yuri Ismailov

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