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Nowhere + pack of new equipment Map – Spin Tires 2013



Author : Bardaff.

From the author :

Hello , comrades SUV lovers !
I went back to the fact that it was my first job for the 2011 SpinTires version.
But , this card is a little different .
We present you a pack of cards and conventional techniques.

Legend :

Map this large plot of land where scientific team was sent to conduct a study substance K.
It was a bad idea since the last news of them was drawing a piece of paper in the form of cards with SOS message on it.
Nobody returned .
All died and all that.

But , the purpose of the map to explore the map .
Your mission is to :
– Find all campsites ( tent ) , and mark them on the map.
– Find all the places substance K (marker ) , and mark it on the map
– Find all the heavy stocks of the substance K ( group of 4 or more barrels) , and mark it on the map
– Find and mark all of the missing path on the map.

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