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KamAZ-55102 v2.0 – Spin Tires 2014



Lorry for Spin Tires. Mod replaces KAMAZ. There animation suspension, cab, body, boards, throughput increased by changing the physics. Modification has two of its add-on and a trailer, three pairs of wheels. The most important thing in the front of the trailer to turn. Changed the name to the original models. Together with the mod still have mod stones. Does not work with him and multiplayer achievements. Texture to copy the archive TexturesCashe. Sound files from the folder “sounds” to copy in Media / sounds / engine.

Acknowledgements: Help with animation cockpit – Max Dmitriev, for it big thanks to him.

Model, texture KamAZ: Ls 2013.
Body model: Ls 2013.
Trailer: Ls 2013.
Edited: ronnie.
Presented: ronnie.

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