Terminator 130 – Spin Tires 2014

Terminator 130


How to play the mod on the network.
1.U you stand clean game without fashion
2.In the game folder (SPINTIRES), there is a folder Media will not confuse it with the archive Media.zip
3.Prosto remember where this folder
4.Zapuskaem game
5.Nazhimaem play – further online game
6. You see in you have a list of servers
7.Svorachivaete game (Alt \ Tab)
8.Zahodim folder in Media (the one that we will remember where)
9.Otkryvaem the downloaded mod 130 Terminator and drag a folder from Fashion Media folder (classes, meshes, textures)
10.Otkryvaem minimized the game and join ANY OR create your servak ​​- Play
11. When played enough games to go out and delete the folder (classes, meshes, textures) from the folder Media
This to the next time you were able to play NETWORK WITHOUT FASHION
And if you want the mod – you have to START IN ANY CASE, paragraph 1.

Terminator 130 is a monster version Zyl 130.

The whole trick is that you can play in multiplayer.

Mod dragged into the folder Media.

Author: Unknown.

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2 thoughts on “Terminator 130 – Spin Tires 2014”

  1. When I install this mod or another truck mods shadow of the truck becomes dark black rectangle.
    Is there a solution on this? I’m using 04.02.15 version.

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