Ust-Kut Map – SpinTires 8.11.15

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11 Responses

  1. Tom says:

    I’ve noticed that when you change into the C4320 with the garage trailer attached, the trailer gets launched into the air, lands on the truck, upside down, then slides down into the ravine, leaving it impossible to recover.

  2. Daniel says:

    Nice map but where do I load logs ?

  3. Dörschi says:

    Pls fix your map!


  4. vucko40 says:

    Yes you can load but, letter S miss, you must add “s” to <GameData LoadAddon="load_logs_medium", this should look like , To change go to >classes>models>log_long_a, and this log_short_a, and this log_medium_a and edit one by one in notepad++, files are xml, One problem is space in load place, lumbers are so big. Sorry for bad english

  5. Parek says:

    how wil I open garage in this map?

  6. aztek says:

    Bad! In the beginning, the B-130 is stuck in a wood log. When I change to the truck, it gets 100% damage instantly.
    How can you upload such a broken map? Did you even test it for like one minute?!

  7. DSalasC says:

    El mapa esta MALO !!!!!

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