Winter Season v3 – Spin Tires 2013

Winter Season v3

Winter Season v3_2


Author: Sam Millington

-HUD is now a different color to see at any time of day
-Changed water flow speed
-Muddy water now matches river water
-Water flow decreased
-Waves decreased
-Water is now cleaner and ‘colder’ looking
-Asphalt road is now a snowy dirt road
-Asphalt road is now deformable

Source: Oovee


3 thoughts on “Winter Season v3 – Spin Tires 2013”

  1. Hi, Could you possibly explain how to install this map? I am really struggling and getting somewhat frustrated trying to work out what Im doing wrong.

    I have extracted the zip into the folder “media”
    so the folder “SpinTires_Winter_Season_V3” is now in media

    When i start the game and goto select a map.. all i see is the same 5 default maps,
    The Hill
    The River

    Am I meant to see the newly installed map appear there as a new option?.. perhaps Im not looking in the right place in the game.. Ive looked everywhere. and Ive also googled on how to do this without any luck at all. Ive also tried placing the extracted folder in various other locations and still no new maps appear in the map list in game. Ive also tried to install other maps asides from this and its the same story with all of them..

    Im not entirely sure Im putting the folder/files in the correct location.. Im not entirely sure what to do after that.. Im not entirely sure how once in game where to look to see the new maps.. can someone please help me.. Im almost at the point of uninstalling this game as I got it in particular for its addon mods.

    1. Hi,
      You have to copy the existence of the folder
      Winter season to your media folder
      There are some meshes class and textures inside you have to copy them to yor media folder

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